Kate Arquilla


Owner + Founder

Kate has been a NICU RN for 7 years at a children’s hospital in Chicago. She is the mama of 3 kids under 6 years + uses this and her experience as a nurse to bring parents realistic advice. Kate’s services include virtual one-to-one consulting, in-home CPR, breastfeeding counseling, and sleep consulting. Read more about Kate here.

Lauren McCarthy



Lauren has been a NICU nurse for 8 years + is the mama to three girls under 6. Lauren specializes in bottle consultations (since she also struggled to get her girls to take a bottle!), perinatal + postpartum support, virtual one-to-one consulting and introducing solids. Lauren also offers breastfeeding counseling and in-home CPR. Read more about Lauren here.

Natalie Hnatiuk



Natalie has been a NICU nurse for 5 years and is the mama to 3 boys under 6, including a set of twins! Natalie is currently an allergy nurse at a lovely pediatric outpatient clinic. She specializes in breastfeeding counseling, bottle consultations + twin advice, as well as offering virtual one-to-one consulting and in-home CPR. Natalie exclusively pumped with her twins and exclusively breastfed her littlest. She empathizes with the challenges of each! She and her family recently moved to the northern Chicago suburbs and is now offering in-home consults in that area. Read more about Natalie here

Deema Soufan



About Deema

Deema is a licensed professional counselor and maternal mental health specialist and educator! She holds the highest level of training available in perinatal mental health. Her three beautiful children inspire her on most days (and exhaust her on others!) Deema has a passion for making sure that mothers know that they are seen and deserve just as much support and nurture as those beautiful babies do! Read more about Deema here.