Bottle consultations

Bottle consultation

Getting your baby to take a bottle successfully with trained NICU nurses

Bottle introduction


Virtual support. did you know that the sucking reflex diminishes around 6 weeks of age, making it more difficult for babies to accept the bottle? Start off introducing the bottle in a positive way to promote bottle to breast transitions and avoid bottle refusal. recommended for babies under 6 weeks.

Bottle consultation


Virtual support. Reversing bottle refusal and oral aversions, getting your baby to take a bottle! recommended for babies over 6 weeks of age and under 6 months of age. *see sippy cup consult for babies over 6 months.

In-home bottle consultation


one in-home session + one virtual session providing bottle introduction + troubleshooting.

Sippy cup consultation


Virtual support. for babies over 6 months of age, we focus on sippy cup skills and other ways to get baby to take in calories besides breastfeeding.